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PRAMAC, which is headquartered in Siena, Italy, was established in 1966 by the Campinoti family. The company began its life as L’Europea, a construction equipment company focused mainly on the Italian market. In the mid-1980s the product range was expanded to include the production of generator sets and pallet and lift trucks through the acquisition of the company Lifter S.R.L.

The Lifter by Pramac material handling range is a complete line of warehousing material handling equipment, which includes manual and electric pallet trucks and stackers. Selling to over 180 countries through our broad distribution network, our workforce is made up of over 700 employees across our 5 manufacturing plants and 16 commercial branches worldwide. We have been expanding our activity in the energy and material handling sectors, continuously growing on a global basis.

PRAMAC has been improving its expertise over the years not only designing, manufacturing and installing a complete range of products, but also providing tailored solutions that can be adapted to every specific requirement.

Our Material Handling Range

For decades PRAMAC has been developing, manufacturing and selling from our Italian plant, a complete range of warehouse material handling equipment aiming at satisfying needs and demands expressed by our customers. From light duty to the most intense applications, our extreme care and dedication to innovation guarantee that the entire range of machines branded Lifter by Pramac comply with all applicable safety regulations.


What makes the Lifter by Pramac range special is our highly experienced personnel, the fully integrated made in Italy production and the on-going development to ensure top quality build and performance, together with the possibility of offering tailor made solutions on the base of customer’s individual needs.

The manually operated trucks range offers a complete series of ideal tools for handling pallets of any size and covers several applications (fragile and delicate loads, working platforms, humid and damp environments, internal weighing operation amongst others) with a broad choice of forks dimensions.

The electric pallet trucks range has been designed to work in narrow spaces and cover different types of use. The AC technology and the double lifting system are some of the mechanical and technological devices to improve and develop solutions that meet increasing market demands.

The stackers range includes manual, semi-electric and electric machines with different prices and performances. Robust design, ergonomics and low maintenance makes these products the perfect tool for logistic centres, terminals and manufacturing areas. Additional improved tiller with lifting/lowering proportional control, lateral drive, fingertip throttle controls and batteries with a long working autonomy are extra features that make these trucks even more user-friendly and manoeuvrable.