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A complete range of extremely tough and resistant hand pallet truck for heavy duty applications, with lifting capacity up to 3000kg.

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Extremely tough and resistant hand pallet truck for heavy duty applications, with lifting capacity up to 3.000 kg.

Steel bars welded under the forks, solid tie-rod as well as a base with thick metal sheet allow the machine to easily handle the heaviest loads.

Resistant and reliable one piece cast iron pump, worked with numerical control machine, including:

  • MAXIMUM PRESSURE VALVE: safety device that ensures the transpallet against overloads. When the pressure inside the hydraulic circuit exceeds the set calibration value according to the maximum nominal flow, the valve automatically locks the forks.
  • PROPORTIONAL LOWERING VALVE: lowering speed can be proportionally controlled according to the lever position on the tiller. Perfect working tool to carry fragile and delicate loads like crystal, glass and ceramics.

Following an appropriate conditioning operation the frame is varnished with polyester powder at a temperature of 250° to guarantee maximum resistance to wear and atmospheric agents.

  • Nylon – Poly 55 steering wheels
  • Nylon rollers
  • 4 Curves handle with all the controls (lowering / drive position / lifting) available in a single lever for simple and safe control
  • Entry/exit rollers. Supplementary rollers
  • Entry/exit rollers. Supplementary rollers to allow easier entrance and quicker exit from a closed pallet, reducing the impact on the main rollers and guaranteeing a longer life.
  • Nylon steering wheels
  • Aluminium – Poly steering wheels
  • Aluminium – Rubber steering wheels
  • Polyurethane rollers
  • 4 Curves ergonomic handle. The soft rubber covering aids operator comfort and helps to reduce vibration, enabling a more comfortable and secure grip.
  • Manual control brake. The brake of the pallet truck, available with rubber steering wheels, is adjustable through the tiller lever to ensure safe use on slopes and ramps. The locking function makes it possible to park the pallet truck even on slopes without rolling away.
  • Quick lift. The perfect tool to lift quicker your loads up to 150 kg. The hydraulic pump is specifically engineered to cut job time and increase efficiency. It takes just 6 strokes to raise a pallet to full height, instead of 13 with the traditional HPT.