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Ideal to support the operator, enabling to reduce effort, increase safety and optimize efficiency.  The OP has an electrically controlled picking platform that can be adjusted by the operator.  Perfect and precise driving control over the vehicle with a complete set of safety sensors ensuring maximum protection and ease use of the vehicle.

Regular Delivery Time: 25 Days


The OP is the new generation of task support vehicle.  Extremely stable mast, user friendly, it is the ideal solution for small volume order picking as well as the retail environment.  OP is developed to reduce injuries in the work place and increase the efficiency in the warehouse.  Best productivity in class OP offers a great manoeuvrability thanks to the innovative driving system.

Minimize picker travel and distances.  Perfect to work at height in safety without losing time.

Maintenance Industry/hospital/venue:  Maintenance of celling facilities as lights, anti-fire systems, HVAC systems
Manufacturing:  Installation and maintenance of systems installed near ceiling
Food and beverage:  Maintenance or process verification without using ladder in food industry
Retail:  Move goods from top to lower part of the shelf (top part usually used as buffer).

Perfect and precise driving control over the vehicle.

Immediate understanding of how it works thought easy buttons/commands.

Complete set of safety sensors ensuring maximum protection and easiness of use:

  • Blue light – For easy identification and increased safety
  • Safety doors – Must be closed to raise the vehicle.

Impressive performance up to 250 peak for hours in a compact size.
Smooth drive and smooth acceleration.
Simultaneous travel and lift, speed up to 6,5km/h to reduce downtime between worksites.
Maintenance-free AGM.
Easy to recharge and charge indicator on the led display.
Li-Ion battery option.

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