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CHF3,075.00CHF4,605.00 exc. VAT

AGILE EVO full-electric offers the same advantages of the standard AGILE, with 100% electric lift and drive and with higher power battery. You will optimize your productivity by being faster and more efficient.


About the AGILE EVO Plus:

The innovative motorized pallet truck that combines electric and manual function for convenient usability.
Compact, light, simple and easy to use, AGILE is the perfect pallet truck to minimize the operator effort, increasing efficiency and safety.
Ideal in deliveries, supermarket, and retail shop, it can be used by everyone.

Main advantages:
• 100% electric lift and drive, for increasing efficiency of procedures and saving time.
• Powerful battery 17 Ah, ensuring great productivity.
• Manual switch, to be used in case of low battery to reach the charging station.

Li-Ion Battery 17 Ah
Easily removable, lightweight, high-energy efficiency and totally maintenance free, can be fully or partially recharged, ensuring great productivity.
Two types of charger available (bench and wall mounted) with standard and fast charging time.

Advanced Performances
Powerful and fast, Agile is a smart pallet truck that optimizes your productivity by being more efficient and faster.
• Double Traction Wheels with Non-Marking Rubber: The first pallet truck with 2 traction wheels in the market, for high stability, better traction and durability.
• 1.2 Tons Load Capacity: To cover all logistic needs.
• AC Motors: Maintenance-free motor grants reduced sound emission (AGILE is among the most silent truck in the category), and is specific for intensive working cycles.
• 5.3 km/h Max Speed: Best in class in light semi-electric category.